Some customers just make you laugh

Passing the site where the Disney Gondola is under construction, one of my passengers asked what was being built.

The Gondola,” I replied, then went on to explain that it will be taking passengers from the Pop Century, Caribbean Beach, and Art of Animation resorts to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios. The van was full of excitement and wonder about the new Gondola, except for one young adult who had a blank and confused expression on her face. I knew exactly what she was thinking, so I asked, “Honey, are you thinking Italy on a boat down a river?”
“Yes!” she said.
I went on to explain it was the sky lift kind. All at once the van burst into laughter as she went on to say, “I just couldn’t understand how they would build a river from the resorts to the parks. Also, moving two people at a time would be very time-consuming!”
To say the least, that’s one story that family will enjoy for quite a while.

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